Engineer Neil G. Pansey Explains Why the Oil Spill is Bad for Florida Beaches

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Oil company BP feeling the consequences of the Gulf oil spill in many more ways than just losing billions of dollars worth of oil, says Neil G. Pansey. The oil moving along the Gulf Coast is already a big threat to Florida. Both the environment and the people on the coast will greatly suffer because of the spill, according to Neil G. Pansey.

Oil reaching shorelines in Florida is very hard to clean up, explains Neil G. Pansey. This is because oil does not dissolve in water and obviously cannot be washed off the beach. Neil G. Pansey wonders if the money needed to provide the right kind of cleanup materials will be hard to come by for beaches. The longer the oil sits there, continues Neil G. Pansey, the more difficult it will be to clean up.

Florida residents who enjoy eating fresh seafood need to be on the watch too, points out Neil G. Pansey. Very small molecules of oil can end up in the fish or crustacean. Neil G. Pansey points out that this oil spill will negatively impact the jobs of the fishermen who catch this wildlife. Because of the spill, many of them will most likely be out of work for a long time, adds Neil G. Pansey.

The environment is going to be under stress also. According to Neil G. Pansey, a lot of valuable species will suffer because of the contaminated ocean. Neil G. Pansey knows that taking one animal out of the food chain can impact humans. We may be out of certain food sources for some time, asserts Neil G. Pansey.

There are health risks associated with repeated oil contact, explains Neil G. Pansey. There are already lots of reported cases of oil-related illness in the Gulf. Florida is going to be hard hit because of how popular beach vacationing is, says Neil G. Pansey.

Neil G. Pansey advises people in Florida to watch out for the health of their family. It may be necessary to steer clear of beaches with heavy oil deposits for some period of time, Neil G. Pansey concludes.


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